Bloomington Country Club recently reopened their pool area and we were lucky to be invited to their pre grand reopening party! This summer heat has been killing us so we’ve been trying to spend most of our time inside or at the pool so this was perfect. If you know me you know I’m not much of a pool person but this summer I’m all for it! Maybe it’s because Mattix is so dang cute in a swimsuit or because of the crazy heat waves we’ve been having.

This club’s pool was so nice! One side is lined with cabanas which were perfect for getting out of the sun and eating some food. They have a snack shack with a great variety of yummy foods and fun drink combinations. Perfect so we could swim all day and stay energized! They also provide a ton of fun floaties and lawn games and have a kid zone inside the clubhouse with lots of activities. We had a great time with our friends and will be going back. Thanks for the invite Bloomington Country Club!

2 thoughts on “Pool party at Bloomington Country Club”

  1. Mattix looks like he had a blast! Phoenix loves the pool…once he gets used to the temperature. haha

  2. Mattix is the same! If it’s too cold he will cling to us until he’s used to it. But if it’s warm he’s totally fine to sit in his floaty ha

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