Today marks 5 years of marriage for Dakota and I! I seriously don’t even know where the last 5 years have gone. We have grown so much as a couple and a family. I always love this time of year because we get to reminisce on all of the fun memories and accomplishments we’ve done together. I feel like we are officially can no longer call ourselves newlyweds – even though it still feels like it!

In the last 5 years we have:

  • Moved 6 times
  • Had 4 cars
  • Traveled all over the country and Ireland
  • Have 1 amazing kid
  • Lived in a barn (with chickens and ducks!)
  • Lived apart
  • 9 hospital visits
  • Countless road trips
  • 6 jobs (between the 2 of us)
  • Endless bliss

It has truly been quite the adventure so far! Lots of memories (good and bad), learning, and growing. The last 5 years have gone by so fast and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 will bring. So happy to have Dakota in my life as my husband and best friend. We aren’t planning on doing anything for our anniversary (I know we are lame and broke!) but we were able to get all dressed up and take some new bridals! This wasn’t something we needed/wanted but our friend Haley Burningham wanted some models to build her website and the timing was too perfect to pass up.

I love looking through these photos and seeing the same love and playfulness as we had 5 years ago. The only thing different is my hair is a little longer and we look a tiny bit more mature, ha! Thanks Haley for the beautiful photos and thank you babe for the best 5 years. Now let’s go get some curry!