As a new mom, working full time, running a side business, and being a blogger/friend/wife/etc. you could say I get burnt out pretty quick. Yes, I totally bring it on myself and I’m aware of it but I can’t help it, I like to be busy! With all of my responsibilities and hobbies I can get stressed out quickly and a stressed out Chandler is not fun to be around. I try to be aware of when I’m getting overwhelmed and burnt out so that I can take a break before I reach a breaking point.

Usually a nice bath bomb and some chocolate or a quick trip to Target can do the trick. Sometimes you need your girlfriends for a good pick me up though! So when my friend Tazia invited me to go out to Sand Hallow Reservoir for a girls night I couldn’t wait. It sounded like the perfect night out to relax, get refreshed and catch up with good friends! There is just something about being on a beach hanging out on a giant pretzel floaty that is just FUN! We are all super awkward which made for some great laughs and memories.

For example, I received this super cute swimsuit from Kingdom and State and decided to wear it. However, I had NO idea that it had these cute little sleeves! When we got to the beach I was talking about how poofy my top was and even though it looked cute I thought it was weird. Then Rachel, who ironically had a similar suit from Kingdom and State, told me that I needed to put the sleeves on. MIND BLOWN! It was so funny because I had been wearing this suit to so many different outings and had nooo idea there were sleeves, ha! Talk about a blonde moment.

This quick trip came at the perfect time and I’m glad I could relax and goof off with some of my favorite people! Plus they are all bloggers so when we wanted to take a million pictures no one protested haha. I’m so glad this community has introduced me to so many incredible people that are supportive and adventurous and weird like me.

Photos by the amazing Alyssa Ence Photography

Chandler’s blue swimsuit: Top and bottoms

Rachel’s white floral swimsuit: Top and bottoms

Tazia’s poppy swimsuit: Top and bottoms

Heathers lemon swimsuit: Top and bottoms