The last month as been pretty crazy! Looking back it’s hard to think how much has happened in such a short amount of time. I’m glad I have these posts to reflect back on and have a creative outlet. Here is a little recap on what we have been up to and have planned for the next little bit!

The good stuff

>> Mattix started walking and is constantly on the move. He’s also become quite the little dare devil jumping off things and trying to climb things. He’s such a momma’s boy but will only say Dad.

>> We started final negotiations from our car accident. The end is in sight! We plan on just saving all the money to use as a down payment.

>> Dakota has decided to go back to school to do aviation maintenance. We are looking at different avenues on how to accomplish this in the best way for him and our family. So we will see what happens, but with that means a hold on us buying a home.

>> One of my little sisters is getting married this week! It’s so weird to think of her getting married. I planned her bachelorette party and it turned out way better than I imagined! Comment if you want a full post on that.





The bad stuff

>> Dakota’s great grandma passed away this last week. She was in her 90’s and lived an amazing life. She was very loved and will be missed.

>> My hips and lower back have been in more pain than ever. I got a cortisone shot and it lasted no more than a few days. They are supposed to relive pain for 3-6 months so that’s not good. We are thinking about doing another one in my lower back rather than my hips to see if that helps more. Looks like my hip replacement will come sooner than we though, ha.

>> Dakota was recently laid off from his job. It was kind of a shock but also slightly expected. He’s been applying for jobs and interviewing like crazy. Finally 4 weeks later he finally has a good job offer and will start next week!

>> I have not been sleeping well the past 3-4 weeks and it’s super annoying. After I feed Mattix in the middle of the night it easily takes me 1 hour to go back to sleep. And now that he is teething and waking up 3 times a night, I don’t get any sleep. Also Mattix went from sleeping entirely through the night to gradually getting worse where he wakes up 3 times a night *enter crying emojis here* He hasn’t done that since he was a tiny babe!


In my spare time

>> I recently started working for a company as a little side gig to make some extra money and it has been so fun and great! The extra cash has been much needed and came at the perfect time since Dakota lost his job. We’ve been using it to pay for our babysitter and fun things like hair appointments or new clothes.

>> We are coming up on our crazy busy recruiting season at work now that school is back in session. This means lots of traveling! I love to travel (and get paid for it) but it can be taxing. My last trip Dakota and Mattix came with me though and it was a lot of fun. Mattix did great during the flights and long layovers and we got to see good friends!

>> Mattix is turning 1 in just a little over a month which means party planning! There are so many fun party ideas out there I just can’t decide. We did decided on a cake smash photo session though! But it will be with a naked cake (or maybe cool whip) because Mattix hates frosting. We also thought about a jello cake but I don’t like the themes that typically coincide with jello cakes…. #picky

>> Hunting season started for Dakota so his weekends consist of being out in the wilderness. He has seen a few good animals but mostly out of range. This long holiday weekend he is trying to fill his elk tag with his buddy. Hopefully they can get something good!

>> I’ve had a couple fun photo shoots in the last couple of months! My little sister and I have been pretty consistent models for an online clothing store so that has been fun to do together. I also got to do one for Kingdom & State which was a blast!