I hope everyone has a great day with family and enjoys the long weekend. We spent Thanksgiving with our families and the rest of the weekend we packed up and moved to Henderson, Nevada!! That’s right, we MOVED. Dakota is going to be starting a program in Las Vegas as an Aviation Maintenance Technician so we are going to move so no one has to commute or miss out on anything. It was a hard decision but everything has just fallen into place and we are excited!


>> Mattix turned ONE! It is so crazy to think we have a one year old. They say it goes by fast and for the first three months I was like “when does it get better?!” but now I get it. Mattix has so much personality, keeps us on our tours, and we couldn’t love him any more!

>> Remember last year when we got into a car accident and we were suing their insurance? Well we finally came to a settlement! It was a long process but our attorney made it very easy and we are excited to be closing that door.

>> We have been really lucky in the parent department the last year. We’ve been staying with my parents since we had Mattix and now that we are moving to Nevada, and going to one income, we will be staying with Dakota’s dad and stepmom! It’s been a huge blessing to be able to save on rent while we pay off debts. Hopefully we can stay debt free when we move.

>> I will be starting a new job the same day Dakota starts school. It will still be in the airline industry and very similar to my current position which I am excited for! But still sad to leave SkyWest after 3 years.


>> Obviously moving has it’s pros and cons. I’m so sad to be leaving St George and starting a new job but excited for new opportunities!

>> We learned that Mattix has a nut allergy to tree nuts – the worst being peanuts, cashews, and pistachios. We have epi pens and have been being careful but we still test him to see if the allergy is getting worse or better. There is a chance he could grow out of it but most likely he will have to be careful. So far it doesn’t seem to be too severe, just a reaction if he intakes anything.

>> Dakota’s back has been acting up a little again. Just kind of randomly it will spasm or hurt which is concerning. Hopefully just doing more stretching and a couple visits to the chiropractor can help.


>> Since we knew we were leaving we have really been trying to get out and do as much as we can with our friends! We recently went up and saw our friends up in Fairview and that was a blast. They have twin girls who are 8 months and we haven’t seen them in so long! So we made a spontaneous trip up north for the weekend and visited them.

>> I started listening to more podcasts in the morning while I get ready and I need more recommendations! I have listened to Serial, Sword and Scale, and just started This American Life. I would love some parenting/mom ones or anything similar to the previously mentioned.

>> Dakota’s birthday is coming up and I have been thinking about what to do for his birthday and what to get him. So far, nothing too great! Send me ideas please 🙂