For the past week we have been in Nevada and so far so good! I don’t think we really understood how short it would take us to actually move and adjust though. We had everything unloaded and unorganized in about 5 hours which meant a lot of down time ahead of us. We were always planning on coming down early so that we could adjust to the time change and get familiar with our surroundings but I think a full week was a little much. But we are here already so of course made the most of it!

New surroundings

We are very grateful to have Dakota’s parents let us live with them while he is going to school! Mattix is able to have his own little room and he has been loving all of the space. The house is mostly tile and wood floors and he loves the echo! He just runs around the house for 20 minutes laughing and screaming. I think having an entire new house to explore and the echo is super exciting for him. It’s fun to see him so happy and adjusting well.

There is a big park at the end of our street too which has been so nice. Mattix loves to be outside but we are on one of the main roads of our subdivision so having a park within walking distances is great. Mattix loves the swings and could probably swing for an hour if we let him! He also loves the slides and in the last week has figured out how to kick his legs out in front of him and stay sitting up as he slides down. His face is priceless! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for pictures and videos of our every day life.

Thinking ahead

I am the type of person who seriously struggles with no agenda so the first couple of days were dragging on and I was going insane. We really want to focus on saving money the next couple of years so we looked over some areas we could cut back expenses on and did some planning. One of they key areas was our cell phone bills. I’ve been wanting to switch our plan or provider for so long but no one has time to spend hours talking to sales reps. Except this week we did! After an entire day of researching and talking to people we ended up switching our provider. Most productive time killer ever.

During this time we had Mattix go to his new sitters house so he could get familiar with that new environment. One of the hardest things about moving for me was the fact that we had to find a new sitter. We LOVED our sitter and she’s been watching him since he was 3 months so it was hard to cut ties. Thankfully we ended up finding someone really nice and in our stake. I was still nervous about how Mattix would handle a new sitter and kids though. When we picked him up she said he did great and only cried for a little bit after we left! Hopefully when he goes full time he will continue to be good.

The rest of the week we were adjusting to the time change, new roads and stores, and enjoying the down time together before we all get too busy with school and work. It gets dark here at 4/4:30 so that has been a huge adjustment that I still don’t like. It will be 5 o’clock and we all think it’s 8 and are getting ready for bed when in reality we still have 3-4 hours to play and do things! Mattix’s sleep schedule only took a couple of days to adjust so that was nice. We haven’t been waking him up at 6 like we will when I start work though…

Enjoying the perks

One of the best things about moving to a big city is all of the shopping! St George has a lot of fun boutiques but the mall is very scarce. I remember coming down to Vegas for school shopping every year so it’s nice to have a few malls within 10-15 minutes of our house. We spent some downtime just walking around the malls close to us because they are so big. There is also IKEA, The Container Store, and Home Goods here which are every young mom’s dream stores! Needless to say I’m really going to have to practice my self control.

A bigger city also means more fun activities, especially around the holidays. We’ve been able to go to Christmas parades, a chocolate factory, a cactus garden decorated in Christmas lights, and Christmas tree farms. There are so many things to do here that are kid friendly and free which will be great for weekends!

Dakota and I start work and school on Monday and that’s when real life will begin. I’m excited to start something new and have an organized schedule again but I will miss all the quality time we’ve been having. Dakota is super excited for school and we made a fun bet if he is top of his class at graduation so we will see if he can do it or not. Wish us luck!

If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas let me know! I would love to make some new friends 🙂