Merry Christmas family and friends! I probably say this every year, but this year went by so fast! It doesn’t even feel like 2017 has started and now it’s over. It’s crazy to look back and see how much we’ve accomplished in the last year and what the next years will bring. If I had to give 2017 a theme I would say it would be either growth or change. Individually and as a family we have seen and done a lot this last year!


We started out 2018 still adjusting to being first time parents and going back to work full time. It was hard to leave little 3 month old Mattix but it made getting off work every day even more enjoyable. Plus it was a little nice getting a break because newborns are hard work! January was also the month that my sister Morgan came home from her LDS mission. We threw her a little surprise party when she got home and it was so great to see her and have her meet Mattix finally!

Dakota got to see an epilepsy specialist in Salt Lake City since he had so many seizures in such a short time. We did a bunch of tests, including a 3 day long one where he looked like a robot with so many cords hanging off his head! Essentially we learned more about his type of epilepsy and changed his medications and we have been seizure free for over a year. We also became proud owners of a Jeep Grand Cherokee since my last car was totaled when we got hit by a drunk driver. It’s such a nice upgrade with lots of room for all of Mattix’s stuff!

February – May

I honestly can’t recall much over these 4 months! I traveled often for work and Mattix had some fun milestones like cutting 4 teeth, standing up, and crawling. We also discovered his love for Moana. Even now if we need to calm him down after nothing else works, we turn on Moana and he’s instantly calm! I was also called to be an Activity Day leader for the 8-9 year olds and that has been such a fun calling. My little sister Morgan also got engaged on Easter so we started making plans for her Bachelorette party and wedding.

June – July

June and July were definitely some of the best months of the year! Since it was the peak of summer we spent lots of time in the pool. Mattix was a little hesitant to be in the water at first but learned to love it real quick. It was a busy blogging month too with sponsored posts from Bloomington Country club and Microblading and of course getting pictures done for our 5 year anniversary. My favorite thing about these months though was going to Disneyland! We spent a long weekend in California with my sister, our grandma, and one of Dakota’s friends. It was so much fun and Mattix did so good. Disneyland with a baby really isn’t that bad.

August – September

August and September were also busy months for us. Mattix started walking at 9 months so no more just leaving him somewhere without worrying. We started final negotiations for our car crash, my little sister got married, and Dakota’s great grandma passed away. My hips and back were also hurting a lot and after tests and seeing specialist it turns out I have arthritis in my hips and will most likely need a hip replacement in a few years. Yay! Hunting season began for Dakota the end of August so he was gone on weekends searching for the best buck he could find. He was searching so diligently that he even got lost and I had to send someone to find him! Thankfully we found him quickly and easily but he was unable to come home with a buck. Maybe next time.


October has always been my favorite month and this year was extra special because we celebrated Mattix’s first birthday and my 25th birthday! For Mattix’s birthday we went to the park so he could run around because that’s all he ever wants to do. We had pizza with friends and family and it was great. Mattix especially loved when we all sang Happy Birthday to him! We did find out that Mattix has a nut allergy though. At his 1 year check up I brought up how I noticed he throws up a few hours after he had peanut butter so we got him tested. Sure enough he was positive for peanuts, cashews, and pistachios. We’re hoping he will grow out of it so we test him every couple of months to see if his reaction gets worse.

November – December

These two months definitely merge together and see like a big blur. We officially came to an agreement for our settlement after over a year of negotiating. The big news of the month was Dakota decided to go back to school and pursue Aviation Maintenance so we decided to move to Las Vegas. We spent a few months figuring out the best programs and if we should all move or if he should just commute. Everything worked out how it was supposed to though. I was able to find a great job that can support us, we found a great babysitter for the same cost, and we were able to move in with Dakota’s dad rent free.

It’s been an insane year with lots of memories and I can’t wait to look back and see how much good has come from 2017. This year has been a challenging year, putting our faith to the test and testing our skills. This year and the next couple of years are going to be different but we hope it will make our future that much better! It’s been a full year with lots of impact and I can’t wait for 2018.