Time for a random update from the Larsen’s! We’ve been in Las Vegas for 3 months now and it seems like it has been longer. However, I still don’t know my way around town despite all my efforts. I can get to our sitters house, my work, the grocery store, and Cafe Rio without and GPS help though #priorities.


Everything has been going pretty smoothly though! I have adjusted into my role at work and feel comfortable with my responsibilities. Dakota has been enjoying school and doing really well on all of his tests. Mattix has been adjusting to his new babysitter and has been getting better at drop offs. He still cries when I pick him up to go home though. I’m hoping it’s because he’s so excited to see me rather than being sad to leave.

The good stuff

>> I know I have said this 1,000 times but we actually are getting our settlement from our car accident. It’s in the mail on it’s way to us and should be here any day. SO glad to have this process done and behind us. It was a huge blessing in disguise but still a pain.


>> We found a gymnastics class for kids under 2 on Saturdays so we are going to start taking Mattix! He is such a busy bee and always wanting to do somersaults so we figured we might as well give him something fun to do.


>> Living in a bigger city has its perks, there is so much to see and do but we miss just getting outside and hiking. And doing free activities. We did just find a good area called Red Rock that has lots of kid friendly hikes and trails so hopefully we can do some of those on the weekends or visit Mt Charleston!


>> I made the Feedspot top 100 Family/Lifestyle blogs and that was so exciting! I don’t even know how it happened to be honest but I am very honored to be among so many other great blogs. You can check out the list here.

The bad stuff

>> One of the negative things about starting a new job is the awkward time period where you don’t have health insurance for a month. We had the chance to get coverage for that extra time but it was insanely expensive so we decided to just take our chances. Naturally I ruptured my ear drum and Mattix got a crazy rash plus an ear infection. Thankfully it wasn’t too expensive to go to Urgent care and get prescriptions but I’m glad our insurance finally kicked in.


>> Last month we got the shocking news that Dakota’s mom passed away in her sleep. She was an amazing woman and she is missed every day.

In my spare time

>> I’ve mostly been working on my little side gig with Nuskin. They launched a new long lasting lipstick and it is seriously amazing! I’ve been pretty successful with selling that and the toothpaste but want to start focusing on some of their skin care lines. If anyone wants to be a tester let me know!


>> I really really want to start blogging once a week! I have so many drafted posts but it is hard to find time – especially since we don’t have wifi at our house.


>> We have been working on eliminating screen time between 6 and 8pm. This is the time when I get home from work to when we put Mattix down for the night. We noticed he just really wants to play and gets cranky if we aren’t giving him the right attention and it has helped a lot I think. Even though we want to come home and unwind from the day, happy toddler comes first! I have been doing this thing where I take a step back and think, “If someone were to walk into this room and take a picture what would it show?” I don’t want it to show my kid playing in the corner while his parents are on their phones! It’s a nice little reality check for me.