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When we think of Las Vegas activities we typically thing of gambling, clubbing, and people watching. But did you know that Vegas has a ton of hidden gems that are adventerous and family friendly? I have a running series all about it on my Instagram but I wanted to spotlight one extra special gem – FlightLinez Bootleg Canyon. My friend Jess and I were having a girls weekend and we wanted a unique Vegas experience outside of the “traditional” activities. When we sat down to plan our weekend we came across FlightLinez and jumped at the opportunity to do a tour!

FlightLinez is a 1.5 mile zipline just 30 minutes outside of downtown Las Vegas in a quaint little town called Boulder City. They offer a little bit of hiking, animal sight seeing, witty humor, and of course incredible aerial views. FlightLinez offers a family friendly experience with their harness design and ability to do large groups. Unlike your average zipline harness theirs are designed for you to sit while you zipine! This is ideal for younger kids or people with back or neck issues.

Safety is FlightLinez number one priority and they make sure every person on the tour feels comfortable. They do a very thorough demonstration before you head up the mountain on how to zipline the safest way and what to expect. They also demonstrate what can happen if you do not follow the instructions and safety precautions. The amazing tour guides are well trained and evaluated to make sure guests are completely comfortable and safe while also having an amazing time.

After the safety demonstration you help load up the gear and hop on a bus! During the short drive you get to learn about the history of Bootleg Canyon and Boulder City. The commentary during the ride up was easily one of my favorite parts of the day. The tour guys are hilarious and turn the not so fun parts of the tour into fun memories. You can tell they spend a lot of time together and genuinely trust one another. The hiking I would consider mild and you get incredible views of the city and Hoover Dam.

Once you make your way up the mountain you get hooked up on the first of four runs. This first run is completely downhill and the longest so it gives you the chance to test out your courage and practice braking. Another fun thing about FlightLinez is they have four lines available on each run. This allows you to fly with friends and family at the same time and helps with shortening the overall tour time. After you master the first run there are three more for you to enjoy! The feeling of flying through the air going 60 MPH is something everyone should experience.


Once you go once I promise you will be hooked! Thankfully FlightLinez has a frequent flyer program which offers discounts. They have 3 different offers: Desert Tortoise (1-3 visits), Road Runner (4-6 visits), and Big Horn (7+ visits). So after you visit one time your next visit is 20% off! Then at your 4th visit it bumps up to 25% off, then at your 7th its 30% off. I could definitely see myself going back more than once so I’m glad I will already be rewarded. They also have an Entourage perk where if you bring 3 guests you fly for free!! Want to bring 6 friends? Then two of you fly for free! Bringing your entire family of 9+ then three of you fly for free! It doesn’t get much better.


Jess and I had a blast touring with FlightLinez and I look forward to taking Dakota out soon. If you are in Nevada or Utah or California let me know and we can all go together! Step outside of the norm and stay in Boulder City instead of the Strip and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Have you ever been ziplining before? How was your experience?