Happy Holidays friends and family! It’s been extremely quiet on the blog this year. I think I’ve only done 3 posts this year, whoops! An update is long overdue from us Larsen’s so let’s get to it!

NOTABLE events

  • Dakota’s mom passed away unexpectedly
  • Daily trips to the park down the street
  • Visits to the Las Vegas temple
  • We got a new camera (which I lost in Florida but then we found it!)
  • Monthly trips to St George because we miss our family and friends
  • Visit to Bonnie Springs
  • Hiking in Mt Charleston
  • Zip lining in Boulder City on a girl trip with my friend Jess
  • Visited Dakota’s sister Cierra in Des Moines
  • Us the Duo concert (my fav band!)
  • Blue Bunny sent us a huge box of ice cream
  • Girls trip in Park City with my mom and sisters for Shawntae’s 30th birthday
  • My best friend Kylie moved to Alabama


For those who may not know in December of 2017 we moved to Las Vegas for Dakota to attend school at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. The program is 21 months long and at the end he will be a certified A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) Mechanic. He is officially over half way done and has a graduation date scheduled for August 25, 2019. After his graduation he will have testing with the FAA where he does an oral and practical exam. The nice thing is we can start interviewing with potential employers 6 months before he graduates. So that means we could have a job offer by the time he graduates!


We are open to any potential employers including airlines and manufacturing companies. Primarily we are looking at two things: location and (of course) salary. There is no way to move back to St George since the airport is a not a Hub for any airlines so we are looking at bigger cities. We go back and forth on location but we both agree on potentially Texas, Colorado, Utah (Salt Lake), and maybe Idaho. However, we may not get to our dream location right away since everything in the aviation industry is based on seniority. So it will be a fun surprise as we get closer.


I started a new job at Allegiant Airlines as a Talent Acquisition Partner (aka recruiter) and it’s been great. It’s similar to my previous job except I hire for multiple positions and departments. I have two primary departments I hire for – Stations and Teesnap. Stations is essentially anything associated with the airport so ticket agent, ramp agents, aircraft part inventory, etc. Teesnap is a subsidiary company that Allegiant owns and it is a golf software point of sale program.


I’ve been challenging myself a lot lately and learning tons about recruiting and HR in general and it’s been great! My co-workers are amazing and make hard days lots of fun. I still travel often as well, about once a month, and mostly to Florida so I can’t complain. I also have a little side job as a virtual assistant where I manage social media, create content, and other various tasks for clients.


Mattix turned two this year and the terrible two’s have definitely hit our house! He is pretty whiny and always wants mom but mostly when he’s tired or hungry. Mattix pretty much eats anything and can’t get enough of food! His favorites are yogurt, bread, and chicken nuggets. Mattix loves cars and airplanes! He is always playing with them all over the house and points at the sky whenever he hears a plane fly over.


Favorite movies currently include Toy Story, Cars, Hercules, Shrek, and Coco. Mattix loves to clap and say “yay” but my favorite thing he says is “see ya later!”. He waves and says it every time he leaves a room and it’s just so sweet! He doesn’t talk too much so we may start taking him to speech therapy but he definitely babbles all day long. He also enjoys singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and reading In a People House by Dr. Suess. A couple other favorite things to note is when he puckers his lips all big and gives you a kiss (and it has to be on the lips!), whenever he sees a dog he does this dog call that sounds like hes blowing kisses, and when he tries to snap his fingers.


Mattix has been going to a daycare at Shannon’s house and loves it. We were very lucky to find Shannon through our Stake and she’s been great! Mattix always loves being dropped off in the mornings and is sad to leave when I pick him up after work. Shannon has a huge play room for the kids and they often do fun crafts and have little parties. Weekends we try to stay outside as much as we can since that is when he is happiest! We have a park just down the street that we go to almost every day and he loves to swing and go down the slides.

2019 forward look

We are looking forward to 2019 and wrapping up our short time in Vegas. The last year has gone by so fast and we are ready to have some long term roots – wherever that may be. We don’t have many goals other than Dakota graduating and getting a job, getting Mattix talking like a normal kid, and maybe getting me a new hat (ha!). Happy Holidays everyone and happy New Year!