Hello and Happy Holidays friends and family!

A full year has come and gone and I haven’t done a single post #epicfail but nothing like an annual recap to get everyone up to speed. I do really well at updating on social media so if you aren’t following me on Facebook or Instagram definitely do that because I’m not making any blog post promises for 2020.

Notable events

  • In January I became a Maskcara makeup Artist
  • Dakota’s dad, Ron, passed away
  • I got a tattoo
  • My baby sister, McKenna, got married
  • We went to Disneyland
  • Currently pregnant with our second little boy and due in February
  • Dakota graduated his Aviation Maintenance program
  • We moved to Alabama
  • Went to the beach for the first time in years and got stung by a jellyfish
  • Mattix got potty trained


This year Dakota graduated from his extensive aviation maintenance program and got an amazing job with a big company and we moved to Alabama! He is building commercial airplanes so to say he is super smart and cool is an understatement. He finished his program with amazing grades and did a small internship on top of it. I’m so proud of him and all he has accomplished and that he is in a career industry that he loves.

Earlier this year he was rear ended by a fuel truck (thankfully it was not at high speed!) and his back has unfortunately been affected. If you recall, in 2016 we were all rear ended by a drunk driver and he had to get two back surgeries. This accident has not been as bad but he will definitely need a surgery sometime in the future. Thank goodness for insurance right?


Like always I’ve been super busy! I started out the year taking on a third job by signing up as a Maskcara Artist. Super scary to put myself out there and do something with makeup but I have learned so much (makeup, personal, and business related) and absolutely love it. I’m able to stay home now with Mattix and still bring in an income through Maskcara and being a Virtual Assistant and we are all adjusting pretty well to our new home and lifestyle.

Currently I am 33 weeks pregnant with our second little boy and generally feel pretty good. My hips and ribs hurt like crazy and I don’t sleep very well but other than that I love all the movement I’m feeling and baby boy is strong and healthy. I will do a full pregnancy update here soon so keep an eye out for that!


Our little boy is now three and going to be a big brother soon! So crazy to think we will be adding another kid to our crazy life but I think Mattix will be such a great big brother. He loves babies and every time he sees one he absolutely has to say hi – its the cutest thing. Mattix has transitioned to a big queen size bed and we just potty trained him! He does really well but we still struggle a little at night and in public but we know that takes some time. Hopefully he doesn’t have a regression when baby comes!

Mattix loves dragons and trains/cars and being outside. Thankfully down south there aren’t very many cold days but when there are or if it’s raining he goes a little crazy! Current favorite movies are How to Train Your Dragon (1-3), Despicable Me, and Emperors New Groove. He’s been practicing counting to 10, doing the I Love You hand sign, drawing and recently reading. Well just two books in particular – Brown Bear Brown Bear and Construction Night Before Christmas.

2020 Forward Look

Of course we are looking forward to adding baby boy Cohen to our family at the first of the year! We also plan to buy our first house by the fall and possibly get another car. Currently having one car is totally doable but not sure how long that will last once Cohen comes. I also really want to continue growing my business and get into healthier habits with my nutrition and working out. Hoping for lots of beach/pool trips and making friends as we continue to adjust to life in Alabama!


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