How to take a “candid” photo graphic

How to take a “candid” photo

I am all about candid photography. I love catching and seeing people in their raw and true element – I think it makes for the best photos. There is so worrying about being perfect, you see genuine emotion and remember moments exactly as they were – lived. But as a blogger almost every thing is […]

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 5 graphic

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 5

I can’t help but laugh at myself whenever I buy I a new outfit or go somewhere trendy because my first thought is always “I need a cool photo!” Now I don’t go crazy and take pictures of my food for 15 minutes but I do enjoy sharing those fun moments with my friends and […]

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 4 graphic

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 4

Just causally walking across this beautiful steam in a beautiful canyon on a perfect day.  >> Yes it was a perfect day that is why my sister and I decided to go hiking! We had to boulder around this huge rock in order to get up here but it was so worth it. Everyone else […]

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 3 graphic

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 3

Don’t mind me. I’m just at brunch in a cute outfit, in an artsty cafe, being candid, deep in thought about something clearly interesting. Basically the most blogger photo you could get. >>To get this shot I made both my sisters move tables, chairs, and salt/pepper shakers at least 4 times to get the set […]

Larsen Log// Vol 3 graphic

Larsen Log// Vol 3

It’s been over a month since I last updated! Sorry….but that just means this will be a great post filled with lots of updates! I did do a brief one in my yearly recap post but let’s talk about the most recent happenings. The good stuff >> Dakota did have another seizure but has been seizure free […]

Larsen Log// Yearly Recap graphic

Larsen Log// Yearly Recap

As 2015 is coming to a close I can’t help but reminisce on what an amazing year we have had. I have achieved so many goals and am really looking forward to all the new ones; especially with my blog! I really want it to grow and become more than just a hobby so I would love […]

Instagram Unplugged// Vol 2 graphic

Instagram Unplugged// Vol 2

 Do you follow me on Instagram and ever wonder how I get such great Instagram shots? Sure good lighting and cameras are a part of it but it’s what happens behind the scenes that no one really knows about. But don’t worry I’m totally okay with embarrassing myself for your benefit! You can see […]

The Larsen Log: An Identity Crisis graphic

The Larsen Log: An Identity Crisis

Guys. I’m sorry I have been so MIA. My life hasn’t even really been that busy I just have been distracted and unmotivated! Not only that but I had a minor meltdown the other day…But more on that later! Just know that my updates will now be called the Larsen Log. It is just simpler […]

Larsen Log // Vol 2 graphic

Larsen Log // Vol 2

I know I have been a little MIA the last couple of weeks so I thought I would give a reader’s digest version for everyone on what’s been going on. I will probably break down some of the events into more in depth posts later but for now let’s just reconnect! The good news A […]

Keeping Up with the Larsen’s graphic

Keeping Up with the Larsen’s

It is officially October! The weather is finally starting to cool off here (well only because of the rain) and it is my birthday month so basically everything about this time of year is amazing. I have a good feeling about the rest of the year but for now here is a weekly update! What […]