How to Avoid Blogger Burn Out graphic

How to Avoid Blogger Burn Out

Remember how excited you were when you first decided to start a blog? You spent hours coming up with a creative name and searching for the perfect blog design. But what you didn’t realize was all of the other things you needed to do in order to market and brand yourself. Everything from coming up […]

How to get Fans not just Followers graphic

How to get Fans not just Followers

Everything is a popularity contest these days. When I interned at a local middle school I can’t tell you how many times I was asked or heard “How many Instagram followers do you have?” or “How many likes did you get on that photo?”. As a blogger getting a lot views and “likes” can be crucial […]

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Blogging Misconceptions

Blogging is a huge part of the current generation and it is continuing to grow more and more popular. Like all growing industries there are supporters and haters; and blogging is no different. I first started blogging years ago in a more journal like way to keep my extended family in the loop. Since then […]