Don’t be a dumb blonde graphic

Don’t be a dumb blonde

I get SO many questions about my hair and how I maintain it, so today I am going to answer your questions with my stylist Evan! Thankfully for me, I’ve known Evan for a long time. He is my best friends brother in law and started doing my hair years ago – and I keep going back. Evan […]

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Trendsend Review

Affiliated links: I did not receive compensation for any links in this article. All opinions are my own After reading this post from Life with Rosie I had to try out Trendsend for myself. I had a subscription with DailyLook but didn’t love the few boxes I got so I switched to StichFix and have […]

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Black Friday Finds

I’ll be honest; Black Friday is not idea of fun. People are grumpy, greedy, and impatient and I just hate being in that type of environment. That being said I did technically go shopping on Black Friday! Some was online and some was in an actual store with lines but hey I call that progress! […]

Stitch Fix Review and an Awkward Photoshoot graphic

Stitch Fix Review and an Awkward Photoshoot

So this one time I got my Stitch Fix box and forgot about it….oops! If you don’t know about Stitch Fix it’s amazing. Basically a company send you clothes (based on your preferences) and you get 3 days to try them on and return what you don’t want to keep. Unless your like me and […]

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DailyLook September Review

Affiliated Links:  If you click a link below or use a code suggested in this any post I may receive small credit. I pay for this subscription.  I finally got my first DailyLook box the other day and I felt like Christmas came early! DailyLook is a great company that allows you to just shop or be […]

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My Fallen Star

meet cierra larsen. cierra owner and designer of my fallen star. and also my sister in law! she just started this cute business so i asked her to do a quick interview with my for this weeks feature! tell us a little about yourself: i am 26 years old and currently live in salt lake city but in […]

Snow Day graphic

Snow Day

Last week it rained in Saint George which means it snowed in Pine Valley! I absolutely love Pine Valley! It’s a beautiful place to camp, fish, explore. and the trees!! I love them 🙂 They are so big and green and it blows my mind that I can visit vibrant red cliffs, grand tress and lakes […]