New YouTube channel graphic

New YouTube channel

Last week I made a YouTube channel and I am really excited about it! I mainly started it so that I could upload hair/makeup tutorials that I have planned but since starting to work for Trend Magazine I have been more into the YouTube scene. I’ll be honest and say that I rarely got onto […]

Let me tell you about my best friend graphic

Let me tell you about my best friend

You know that one friend that lives far away and you only talk once a month but when you do it’s like nothing ever changed? That friend that just totally gets you and you can be yourself without being judged? That friend to me is Nicholas Darrell Rhodes. That’s Dah-rel not Dare-l and it is […]

Happy Birthday Babe graphic

Happy Birthday Babe

I sure got lucky in the husband department with this one. Dakota is the perfect husband for me in so many ways. He is patient, spontaneous, creative, funny, understanding, supportive, and so much more. Some of my favorite memories with him include: -Listening to him sing/rap to any song on the radio-Getting ready for the […]

Yesterday I wiped a kids nose and wasn’t completely disgusted graphic

Yesterday I wiped a kids nose and wasn’t completely disgusted

Let’s be real I was disgusted. This wasn’t just a simple like oh you sneezed let me wipe your little nose spray; this was a you have a nasty cold with green boogers oozing over your face please don’t eat that kind of wipe. I may have been secretly grossed out by it but I […]

Quick Vacation to Disneyland graphic

Quick Vacation to Disneyland

I am finally getting around to talking about my trip to Disneyland a while back! My friend Amanda and I went down just for fun and it was a blast. I love Disneyland this time of year because they decorate for Halloween and there are so many characters out and about. I seriously could have […]

Fall Photos graphic

Fall Photos

It is the middle of October and it is still 80 degrees here in southern Utah. On top of that the nearest mountains are at least an hour away so seeing the leaves change isn’t exactly easy. Thankfully my little sister and I found a little slice of heaven while we were out! Back behind a […]

Photography Meetup Photoshoot graphic

Photography Meetup Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I had a great opportunity to do a photography meet up. A bunch of models, photographers, hair and makeup artists all got together and did a photo shoot. It was a blast getting to meet so many new and talented people and play dress up! Thanks for a great time everyone! […]

Behind the Blog graphic

Behind the Blog

Hey guys! I thought today would be the perfect day to introduce myself since I’ve seen a lot of growth the past couple of months, and it’s the first day of September, and I got a new blog layout! My name is Chandler Larsen and I am the main author behind Life as a Larsen […]

Fairly Good Time graphic

Fairly Good Time

This last week was the annual Washington County Fair. I remember going almost every year in high school with friends and it was a great way to kick off the new school year. I haven’t been in a couple of years so when my sister said she would go with me I was excited. Even […]

Larsen Images: Ireland Edition graphic

Larsen Images: Ireland Edition

This was the neigborhood we stayed in. It was so quaint and quiet and just outside the inner city. Our second day consisted of an entire day driving around Ireland! We made a stop at the Cliffs of Moher and it was absolutely amazing. Just exploring some run down buildings along the country side. This […]