Trinity College graphic

Trinity College

One of the days we were in Ireland we visited Trinity College. Our main purpose was to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room but now I really want to transfer! You wouldn’t think that visiting a college campus would be enjoyable but this college is worth seeing for the campus alone. This […]

Exploring Ireland graphic

Exploring Ireland

As most of you know Dakota and I celebrated our third anniversary in Dublin! It was such an amazing trip and I can’t wait to share it all with you. But for now you will just have to settle for some random pictures of around the city. Dublin has so much character and color I […]

Irish Tales: Defeating Giants graphic

Irish Tales: Defeating Giants

Once upon a time there was a young couple exploring a magical city called Dublin. Dublin was a big place with castles, fairies, leprachauns, and grass as green as you can imagine. The young couple decided to visit this magical place in search for adventure and diversity. But little did they know how scary being […]

Road Trip Home graphic

Road Trip Home

A few weeks ago I flew out to North Dakota to meet up with Dakota so we could drive home! He had his last day the night before so he loaded up his truck, picked me up from the airport, and we headed towards Montana. We made a stop in this beautiful canyon and turns […]

Sister Morgan Seay graphic

Sister Morgan Seay

My little sister is leaving on her mission in a few short weeks and I am so sad and so happy for her! We were talking about what she needs to do in preparation and decided to do something fun and take some mission photos! I am by NO means a professional photographer and these […]

21 Questions to Ask Your Husband graphic

21 Questions to Ask Your Husband

The other day my friend posted these questions on Facebook and I thought they were really funny so I decided to ask Dakota the same ones. You are supposed to write down the first thing that your husband says which made me a little nervous because Dakota can be really honest but thankfully he kept […]

Happy Birthday Bear graphic

Happy Birthday Bear

My little sister Morgan is not so little anymore. She has quickly gone from an annoying little sister that won’t stop telling stories to a beautiful young woman about to serve a mission in New York. Morgan is one of those girls that you hate because she is the total package! She is beautiful, funny, […]

Finding the Summit Rock graphic

Finding the Summit Rock

For the past three weeks Dakota and I have participated in finding the Summit rock. The Summit rock is an event that one of the local gyms puts on every year for the community. Basically they have a rock with their company logo on it and they hide it somewhere in our county. They give […]

Head Shots graphic

Head Shots

Recently I had my head shots taken by the amazing and talented Kiley Fisher with Hello Memory Photography. She was in Saint George so we met up and had a blast taking some photos around downtown! She is going to do some fun guests posts with me in the future so be sure and check […]

Western Psychologolical Association Conference graphic

Western Psychologolical Association Conference

If you follow me on social media you were probably super annoyed with me this past weekend! I posted a lot of pictures and tweeted some great things that were going on at the WPA conference I attended. To make it simple this was a national conference that the Western Psychological Association (WPA) set up […]