Teaching Hooligans graphic

Teaching Hooligans

Last summer I got an internship with another college student (Lisa) at Pine View middle school teaching a homeroom class. This class was designed to teach success and motivation to students who were struggling or acting out. You know that one kid in your class that was loud and just goofed off? They would be […]

Quick Trip to California graphic

Quick Trip to California

This past weekend our friends were going to Disneyland for a few days so we decided to join them! Instead of doing Disneyland for three days though we decided to go to an Angel’s game and Disneyland for just one day. Perfect weekend trip for us! We bought our tickets a couple of days before […]

Grown Up Easter graphic

Grown Up Easter

As you all know Easter was a few weeks ago. Even though I was working on Sunday my friends and I were still able to have our own little Easter! We had desserts and an Easter egg hunt and let me tell you, it was a blast! Instead of filing the eggs with candy we […]

Medina Wedding graphic

Medina Wedding

On Friday our friends Dan and Carrie got married! It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people. The group Yay they are married!! Sajen was not having it haha Happy groom 🙂 These groomsmen hahaha Congratulations to Dan and Carrie Medina!

Snow Day graphic

Snow Day

Last week it rained in Saint George which means it snowed in Pine Valley! I absolutely love Pine Valley! It’s a beautiful place to camp, fish, explore. and the trees!! I love them 🙂 They are so big and green and it blows my mind that I can visit vibrant red cliffs, grand tress and lakes […]