10 Things Our Dads Taught Us We Take For Granted graphic

10 Things Our Dads Taught Us We Take For Granted

I am lucky enough to have two dads in my life which means I get twice the amount of cheesy jokes, childhood stories, support, and love for my entire life. I also get twice the amount of life lessons, skills, and love. Most lessons were things that everyone already knows about. Like how to tie my shoes, drive […]

Happy Birthday Bear graphic

Happy Birthday Bear

My little sister Morgan is not so little anymore. She has quickly gone from an annoying little sister that won’t stop telling stories to a beautiful young woman about to serve a mission in New York. Morgan is one of those girls that you hate because she is the total package! She is beautiful, funny, […]

Saint George Children’s Museum graphic

Saint George Children’s Museum

A little while ago Dakota and I met up with our friend Dan and decided to take his little man Sajen to the children’s museum downtown. This museum is fully funded by donations (they only ask $3.00 to enter) and is easily the cutest little place for kids! There were SO many different rooms that […]

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Kim and Jaci

Meet Kim. Kim (aka Mom) is one of the most amazing ladies I know. I started this post about a week ago and I have struggled with how to truly describe in writing how wonderful she is. What makes my mom the bestMy mom is the definition of hard working. Looking back and thinking about […]

Disneyland for 20 Something’s graphic

Disneyland for 20 Something’s

As a child you dream about going to Disneyland. Meeting your favorite characters, going on a fun rides, seeing the giant castle, and being in the happiest place on Earth. You beg your parents to take you and if you are lucky they will take you for a few days! As an adult you dread […]

Quick Trip to California graphic

Quick Trip to California

This past weekend our friends were going to Disneyland for a few days so we decided to join them! Instead of doing Disneyland for three days though we decided to go to an Angel’s game and Disneyland for just one day. Perfect weekend trip for us! We bought our tickets a couple of days before […]

Grown Up Easter graphic

Grown Up Easter

As you all know Easter was a few weeks ago. Even though I was working on Sunday my friends and I were still able to have our own little Easter! We had desserts and an Easter egg hunt and let me tell you, it was a blast! Instead of filing the eggs with candy we […]

My Fallen Star graphic

My Fallen Star

meet cierra larsen. cierra owner and designer of my fallen star. and also my sister in law! she just started this cute business so i asked her to do a quick interview with my for this weeks feature! tell us a little about yourself: i am 26 years old and currently live in salt lake city but in […]

Little Seay’s graphic

Little Seay’s

meet my little sisters. together these two keep me on my toes. morgan is brilliant and always reminds me that life is important and we should made the most of it. mckenna reminds me to think through someone else’s eyes before jumping to conclusion. and together they remind me that family is not a random design. […]

Parade of Homes graphic

Parade of Homes

every year saint george holds a week long event called the parade of homes. different builders and designers collaborate together to make an ideal home that people can tour and buy. it is a lot of fun to go through each home and see the different design styles and dream about your own future home. […]