Baby Bumpdate // 28 Weeks graphic

Baby Bumpdate // 28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks, hellooo third trimester! Weight gain: 16 pounds Maternity clothes? I did buy an undershirt a couple weeks ago because my normal ones just wouldn’t stay down and I finally bought some maternity pants. I don’t know what took me so long because these pants are SO comfy! Sleep? I toss […]

Baby Bumpdate // 24 Weeks graphic

Baby Bumpdate // 24 Weeks

Another month has gone by already! This baby boy will be here before we know it and reality is slowly starting to set in. I still feel so unprepared but I know that I can only prepare myself so much for our first little one. I am in full “nesting” mode lately and want to […]

Baby Bumpdate // 20 Weeks graphic

Baby Bumpdate // 20 Weeks

  How far along? 20 weeks! I can’t believe I am already half way there! Weight gain? 15 pounds Maternity clothes? Not yet but flowy dresses are my best friend right now. I’m starting to think I might need some jeans though! Sleep? I’m not as tired as I was in my first trimester but […]

How my past relationships prepared me for my husband graphic

How my past relationships prepared me for my husband

I had a blast writing this guest post for Coffee with Summer a while back! I believe it is important to reflect back on your choices (good and bad) and see what you learned from them. There is always a silver lining to every mistake or in this case ex-boyfriends. This year my motto is […]

It’s a boy! graphic

It’s a boy!

I still can’t believe we are having a little boy! We would have been excited with a boy or a girl but I secretly really wanted a boy. All of my friends are having girls though so I really thought we would be having a girl but he is definitely a boy! I was so […]

Baby Bumpdate // 15 Weeks graphic

Baby Bumpdate // 15 Weeks

I really wanted to do some pregnancy updates so when I asked my readers and friends on Twitter what they thought I was excited that everyone wanted updates too! I looked up a few other bloggers bumpdate posts and decided that they are all pretty much the same so here is the final result. If […]

5 Conversations that happen after you announce you’re pregnant graphic

5 Conversations that happen after you announce you’re pregnant

In case you missed it Dakota and I are going to have a baby this year! We were so blown away by everyone’s thoughtful comments and truly felt that our little one will be loved. We are so excited and nervous but we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves right? I honestly don’t know […]

Why I keep my marriage private // A guest post graphic

Why I keep my marriage private // A guest post

When does it become socially acceptable announce to the world that you are in a relationship? Should you update your Facebook relationship status? Is this picture of you two kissing appropriate to post on Instagram? Do these questions sound familiar? I decided that I would never have to ask myself these questions again because my and husband […]

Little Larsen graphic

Little Larsen Dakota and I are so excited to grow our little family this year! It still seems surreal that we are going to be parents, even finally announcing it is crazy, but we can’t wait for this new adventure. We are anxiously waiting to meet you in October little Larsen! Also a huge shout out […]

Perks of a young marriage // A guest post graphic

Perks of a young marriage // A guest post

Let me start off by saying I know getting married young is not for everyone. This post is not to claim that the younger you marry – the better. It is to stop the misconception that getting married young is careless. Remember when getting married in your early 20s was the norm? Yeah, me too. […]