DIY Halloween Wreath graphic

DIY Halloween Wreath

The weather is cooling off, leaves are changing color, my birthday is a few weeks away, and soup is on the stove! I love this time of year!! Perfect weather, amazing outfits, and lots of events and holidays to decorate for. Crafting isn’t my forte exactly but when I get the itch to craft I can’t […]

10 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything graphic

10 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

With our anniversary coming up naturally I started to think about gift ideas! Thankfully this year was pretty easy because we are going on a trip instead of gifts but if your man is anything like mine you secretly dread these holidays. You never know what to get him because he doesn’t need anything and […]

Sister Morgan Seay graphic

Sister Morgan Seay

My little sister is leaving on her mission in a few short weeks and I am so sad and so happy for her! We were talking about what she needs to do in preparation and decided to do something fun and take some mission photos! I am by NO means a professional photographer and these […]

21 Questions to Ask Your Husband graphic

21 Questions to Ask Your Husband

The other day my friend posted these questions on Facebook and I thought they were really funny so I decided to ask Dakota the same ones. You are supposed to write down the first thing that your husband says which made me a little nervous because Dakota can be really honest but thankfully he kept […]

10 Things Our Dads Taught Us We Take For Granted graphic

10 Things Our Dads Taught Us We Take For Granted

I am lucky enough to have two dads in my life which means I get twice the amount of cheesy jokes, childhood stories, support, and love for my entire life. I also get twice the amount of life lessons, skills, and love. Most lessons were things that everyone already knows about. Like how to tie my shoes, drive […]

Happy Birthday Bear graphic

Happy Birthday Bear

My little sister Morgan is not so little anymore. She has quickly gone from an annoying little sister that won’t stop telling stories to a beautiful young woman about to serve a mission in New York. Morgan is one of those girls that you hate because she is the total package! She is beautiful, funny, […]

Finding the Summit Rock graphic

Finding the Summit Rock

For the past three weeks Dakota and I have participated in finding the Summit rock. The Summit rock is an event that one of the local gyms puts on every year for the community. Basically they have a rock with their company logo on it and they hide it somewhere in our county. They give […]

Saint George Children’s Museum graphic

Saint George Children’s Museum

A little while ago Dakota and I met up with our friend Dan and decided to take his little man Sajen to the children’s museum downtown. This museum is fully funded by donations (they only ask $3.00 to enter) and is easily the cutest little place for kids! There were SO many different rooms that […]

Kim and Jaci graphic

Kim and Jaci

Meet Kim. Kim (aka Mom) is one of the most amazing ladies I know. I started this post about a week ago and I have struggled with how to truly describe in writing how wonderful she is. What makes my mom the bestMy mom is the definition of hard working. Looking back and thinking about […]

What’s Up Wednesday graphic

What’s Up Wednesday

Even though the original link up doesn’t existanymore I still really loved doing a weekly catch up with everyone so I am going to keep on doing it! If you still want to join just answer the prompts and then post the URL of your post in the comments below so we can still connect 🙂 What I […]