5 Essential Products for New Moms graphic

5 Essential Products for New Moms

This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own. #jordwatch #woodwatch #wearjord The last month transitioning to parenthood has been quite the adjustment. You try to prepare yourself for 9 months, and your friends and family will give you advice, but you really don’t know what you need until your little […]

Coffee Chat Vol 4 graphic

Coffee Chat Vol 4

Alexis: The fall season always reminds me to reflect on all of the things that I am thankful for. I like to sit back with a journal and write down all of the positives from the year and write everything that I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for my health, my family, getting engaged to my […]

Coffee Chat Vol 3 graphic

Coffee Chat Vol 3

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another Coffee Chat! This month all of us hosts are discussing what our favorite fall traditions are! Grab a warm cup of coffee (of tea) and enjoy! Alexis: Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Fall brings not only my birthday, but also all of my favorite things. My […]

Coffee Chat // Vol 2 graphic

Coffee Chat // Vol 2

It’s coffee chat time! Happy Thursday, loves! Thanks for joining us for another round of coffee chat. For this month’s installement each of us will be discussing what improvements we have made to our blogs over time. Allison: “I’ve found that what works for me is blogging when I truly want to. This may go against […]

Coffee Chat // Vol 1 graphic

Coffee Chat // Vol 1

Happy Thursday, loves! For the last month or so, I have been working behind the scenes with some amazing bloggers to bring you a monthly series called the Coffee Chat. Each month us 6 bloggers will pick a topic that deals with life, blogging, and more personal topics. I am so excited to bring you […]

How to take a “candid” photo graphic

How to take a “candid” photo

I am all about candid photography. I love catching and seeing people in their raw and true element – I think it makes for the best photos. There is so worrying about being perfect, you see genuine emotion and remember moments exactly as they were – lived. But as a blogger almost every thing is […]

Don’t be a dumb blonde graphic

Don’t be a dumb blonde

I get SO many questions about my hair and how I maintain it, so today I am going to answer your questions with my stylist Evan! Thankfully for me, I’ve known Evan for a long time. He is my best friends brother in law and started doing my hair years ago – and I keep going back. Evan […]

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Believe in your blog

With millions of blogs it can be hard to feel like yours is worthwhile, important, or even seen. Often we notice other bloggers writing about the same topics or feel like they have more successes and we get stuck in a negative mentality towards our blog. Blogging should not be something we dread! We started a […]

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New Years Motto: Quarterly Recap

It’s the end of March and I am starting to feel like I am getting my life together. Well kind of…it’s a process, ha! Even after prioritizing some of my daily tasks and getting an assistant I still just feel like I’m starting to get some free time. What do people even do with their […]

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 3 graphic

Instagram Unplugged // Vol 3

Don’t mind me. I’m just at brunch in a cute outfit, in an artsty cafe, being candid, deep in thought about something clearly interesting. Basically the most blogger photo you could get. >>To get this shot I made both my sisters move tables, chairs, and salt/pepper shakers at least 4 times to get the set […]