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Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job. Why? Well I got a second job because every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am bored out of my mind! Dakota got one because he doesn’t like his current job haha. I currently work for Sunrise RTC which is the greatest job in the world! I […]

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A Night of First’s

Last night we celebrated our one year being together by going on a date! Dakota told me that he had everything all planned so I didn’t have to do anything! The whole night was a surprise which was great because Dakota can never pull off anything. We started off the night by going to Olive […]

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Life as of Late

Well Dakota and I have been married almost four months! It seems like it has been much longer than that though. We have been enjoying the best of married life! Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job so that means between that two of us we have four jobs! What are we thinking…it’s […]