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A Day in the Life

5:30 am: First alarm goes off and I quickly turn it off so I don’t wake up the hubs 5:45am: Start waking up and debate sleeping for 15 more minutes or look at my phone to help me wake up; phone always wins. 6:00am: Second alarm goes off. I’m really getting sick of Kevin Rudolf’s […]

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Keeping Up with the Larsen’s

Affiliated Links: Sometimes links show up in my posts and I may be compensated to add these links. I will always give my honest opinion. Hello! I hope everyone had a great week like I did. Let’s do a recap shall we? What I loved about this week I feel like so much has happened this […]

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The Golden Vlog Series

This is my first month participating in the Golden Vlog and I am excited and nervous! I have never vlogged before and of course my first time doing it I am asked to open up about my insecurities haha. Feel free to watch the video below and to check out the other amazing posts here. […]

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DailyLook September Review

Affiliated Links: If you click a link below or use a code suggested in this any post I may receive small credit. I pay for this subscription. I finally got my first DailyLook box the other day and I felt like Christmas came early! DailyLook is a great company that allows you to just shop or be […]

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The Liebster Award

I have been nominated by the wonderful Hannah with Attacking Adulthood for the Liebster Award! For those who are unaware of this award it is simply an award for bloggers, from bloggers. I love it because you are being nominated by fellow bloggers who appreciate your work and it helps connect the world to so many […]

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What’s Up Wednesday

Congratulations everyone, we made it halfway through the week! If this is your first time joining in the link up W E L C O M E and please check out the details about the link up here. What I loved about the past week Being in Ireland! If you currently follow me here […]

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Whats Up Wednesday

Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday! If this is your first time joining welcome! This is a weekly link up to meet bloggers and get to know each other better 🙂 Each week you can answer the questions below in your own blog post and enter your URL at the bottom in the link up so […]

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What’s Up Wednesday

Alright!! Another Wednesday! I have been working every day this past week so there isn’t too much to report but it’s still a good week 🙂 If this is your first time joining all you need to do to participate is make your own post with the following prompts and but your link in the […]

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I am Dixie and Nothing Else

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about changing the name of our local university. This isn’t the first time it has come up but now there are Facebook groups and petitions and a lot more serious conversations going on about the subject. Dixie State University has already had five name […]

What’s Up Wednesday graphic

What’s Up Wednesday

Okay time to play catch up! Sorry I missed last week but our vacation was just so needed. I will try and remember as much as I can haha What I loved about the past week Dakota and I went to Lake Las Vegas for a couple of days which was so fun! The resort […]