Easter Sunday graphic

Easter Sunday

This Easter Dakota was working a 16 hour shift so I spent it pretty much alone. Since all of us kids are older and no one has any kids Easter hasn’t been a huge thing lately other than the always delicious Easter dinner! So while Dakota was at work I caught up on homework and […]

S’more Fun graphic

S’more Fun

So a lot of fun things have happened the last couple of weeks so here is my update! I got to go on a camping trip for work last week which was super fun. We camped in Snow Canyon National Park which is gorgeous! The weather was nice except for some intense wind!! During the […]

Shift Bonding graphic

Shift Bonding

So my job is the greatest (in case you didn’t already know that) and one of the great things about my job is shift bonding. This is when everyone on your shift (mine is TTHSpm, aka THE BEST) gets together and does something super fun to bond and just relax and do something other than work! […]

Morgan’s Senior Pictures!! graphic

Morgan’s Senior Pictures!!

In case anyone was wondering, my sister Morgan is a fox! Here are most of her senior pictures 🙂 I know, I know. We look nothing a like but I promise she is my sister! This one is my favorite 🙂 Morgan, you’re a babe! Here’s to the graduating class of 2014! -Chandler

Hawaii graphic


This past week Dakota and I went to HAWAII!!!! We went with my parents and sisters and went for an entire week! It was amazing 🙂 So for this post I decided to break it down day by day to make it easier to read. Saturday: We left Hurricane at way too early in the […]

Valentine’s Day graphic

Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentine’s day Dakota and I were both working and the next day I had work again so it was technically a delayed date but well worth it! Dakota told me that he had everything planned so I didn’t do much planning, more worrying because Dakota isn’t very romantic so I had no […]

Nothing ever goes as planned… graphic

Nothing ever goes as planned…

This week Dakota and I got news that one of our friends was in the hospital so we decided to go up to Salt Lake City, UT to visit family and friends. We drove up Wednesday morning and right outside of Cedar I got pulled over for speeding 🙁 Unfortunately I got a ticket so […]

Resolutions graphic


At work last week we had a group discussion about new year resolutions. There were some great comments made in regards to making resolutions and not making them. I myself and split in the middle. I whole heartedly believe that if you want to make a change for yourself you should do it right then. […]

Last Post of the Year 2013 graphic

Last Post of the Year 2013

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy. At my work we have been doing our end of the year evaluations for the staff and as a Supervisor that means a WHOLE lot of work and time. I ended up getting them all done in time and I’d say I passed mine so now that […]

Dakota’s Birthday graphic

Dakota’s Birthday

Yesterday was Dakota’s 24th birthday!! It was really nice to have the whole day off work so we could hang out. We started the day off by sleeping in and then we got ready, open presents, and went to one of our favorite places ever – Texas Roadhouse! Afterwards we went to the Sprint store […]