Blogging Challenge – Favorite Childhood Memory

I have many memories of my childhood. They range from happy to bizarre but a memory is a memory right? It is hard for me to chose just one memory to write about because I have so many great ones! And what exactly qualifies for “favorite”. If I have a memory of my hair getting […]

13 Oct 2015


October Challenge – 7 People who Influence Me

There are a lot of different influences in my life that keep me inspired but there are 7 people that inspire me on a daily basis. I have never had one person that I have looked up to because so many people motivate and inspire me but in different ways. Each person brings different experiences […]

12 Oct 2015


DIY Halloween Wreath

The weather is cooling off, leaves are changing color, my birthday is a few weeks away, and soup is on the stove! I love this time of year!! Perfect weather, amazing outfits, and lots of events and holidays to decorate for. Crafting isn’t my forte exactly but when I get the itch to craft I can’t […]

9 Oct 2015


The Golden Vlog Series

This is my first month participating in the Golden Vlog and I am excited and nervous! I have never vlogged before and of course my first time doing it I am asked to open up about my insecurities haha. Feel free to watch the video below and to check out the other amazing posts here. […]

8 Oct 2015

Behind the blog

Keeping Up with the Larsen’s

It is officially October! The weather is finally starting to cool off here (well only because of the rain) and it is my birthday month so basically everything about this time of year is amazing. I have a good feeling about the rest of the year but for now here is a weekly update! What […]

7 Oct 2015


Introducing Lexi with A Blissful Haven

Lexi from a Blissful Haven has been one of my latest sponsors and I am so excited to introduce everyone to her and her darling blog! She writes amazing posts about DIY, book reviews, and even football 101 which has been so helpful! Be sure to check out her page and give her some love. […]

6 Oct 2015


Photography Meetup Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I had a great opportunity to do a photography meet up. A bunch of models, photographers, hair and makeup artists all got together and did a photo shoot. It was a blast getting to meet so many new and talented people and play dress up! Thanks for a great time everyone! […]

5 Oct 2015

Behind the blog

Keeping Up with the Larsen’s

What I loved about the past week I figured out how to make the design work for my project! My original idea just was not working out no matter how hard I tried so I brainstormed and got a new idea and it is so much better!! See the sneak peak below 🙂 I also […]

30 Sep 2015


DailyLook September Review

Affiliated Links: If you click a link below or use a code suggested in this any post I may receive small credit. I pay for this subscription. I finally got my first DailyLook box the other day and I felt like Christmas came early! DailyLook is a great company that allows you to just shop or be […]

25 Sep 2015

Behind the blog

Keeping Up with the Larsen’s

Epic fail on my part because I missed last week! It has just been so insanely busy for me I have barely had any time to blog or respond to emails or even eat food some days! Don’t worry I still ate food, I love food too much to forget about it. So this update […]

23 Sep 2015