15 Summer Hits

Happy Feature Friday everyone! In case you missed my previous post Jordan (aka DJ Fayze) is my newest sponsor and this week we have him sharing his top 15 hits for summer! Summer isn’t complete without great music to keep you energized while you are out boating, camping, or having a BBQ so DJ Fayze […]

3 Jul 2015


21 Questions to Ask Your Husband

The other day my friend posted these questions on Facebook and I thought they were really funny so I decided to ask Dakota the same ones. You are supposed to write down the first thing that your husband says which made me a little nervous because Dakota can be really honest but thankfully he kept […]

28 Jun 2015


Music Entertainer DJ Fayze

Meet Jordan Nelson. I am so excited to introduce you guys to my newest sponsor! Jordan, also known as DJ Fayze, is a motivated young man with a love for music and entertainment. In a short time he has started his own entertainment business and turned into a full time career. I met with Jordan to take some […]

26 Jun 2015


Charity Rebekah Photography

A few weeks ago my photographer friend Charity said she was coming up to Southern Utah and wanted to take some photos! I wanted to go for something simple and classy but we also did some fun artsy poses. I was a little out of my element with those ones but I think they still […]

25 Jun 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Another Wednesday already! It has been a really fun week for us so I am excited to share a little bit of it with you 🙂 What was your favorite part of last week? What I loved about the past week This last week was filled with hanging out with friends. We spent almost every […]

24 Jun 2015


DJ Fayze Portraits

I got to play photographer the other day to take some pictures of DJ Fayze to give him some professional but edgy pictures. Be sure to check him out for all your parties and events at www.djfayze.com Also leave a comment about what you think because I think they turned out pretty good but I’m […]

23 Jun 2015


10 Things Our Dads Taught Us We Take For Granted

I am lucky enough to have two dads in my life which means I get twice the amount of cheesy jokes, childhood stories, support, and love for my entire life. I also get twice the amount of life lessons, skills, and love. Most lessons were things that everyone already knows about. Like how to tie my shoes, drive […]

21 Jun 2015


That one time I donated my blood

Yesterday my work was holding a blood drive just like most fancy corporate offices do. I didn’t think much of it because honestly the whole idea of donating blood is freaky. Think about it. You go into a room to voluntarily get stabbed and then watch your blood get drained out of your body. Sounds […]

20 Jun 2015


Happy Birthday Bear

My little sister Morgan is not so little anymore. She has quickly gone from an annoying little sister that won’t stop telling stories to a beautiful young woman about to serve a mission in New York. Morgan is one of those girls that you hate because she is the total package! She is beautiful, funny, […]

18 Jun 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Hello hello!! Another week went by so fast and I am excited to share it with you 🙂 What I loved about the past week Dakota and I experimented with some new recipes this week which was fun. We are very simple people (chicken and rice every meal) so buying some steaks was a big […]

17 Jun 2015