Finding the Summit Rock

For the past three weeks Dakota and I have participated in finding the Summit rock. The Summit rock is an event that one of the local gyms puts on every year for the community. Basically they have a rock with their company logo on it and they hide it somewhere in our county. They give […]

16 Jun 2015


Saint George Children’s Museum

A little while ago Dakota and I met up with our friend Dan and decided to take his little man Sajen to the children’s museum downtown. This museum is fully funded by donations (they only ask $3.00 to enter) and is easily the cutest little place for kids! There were SO many different rooms that […]

13 Jun 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

I have been slacking the past week with blog posts but I never forget about What’s Up Wednesday! A lot has gone on in the past week that I will do individual posts on so be sure to keep your eye out for those. What I loved about the past week I feel like we […]

10 Jun 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Welcome back to What’s Up Wednesday! Sorry for missing last week we were just having so much I totally spaced it. If this is your first time joining welcome 🙂 This is a weekly post where we answer questions and set goals for the week. What I loved about the past week I love love […]

3 Jun 2015


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has been on my bucket list for a long time so to say I was excited to finally go there is an understatement. I love everything about nature but I have a special love for big trees. The entire drive through I was just in awe and made Dakota stop a million times so […]

2 Jun 2015


Head Shots

Recently I had my head shots taken by the amazing and talented Kiley Fisher with Hello Memory Photography. She was in Saint George so we met up and had a blast taking some photos around downtown! She is going to do some fun guests posts with me in the future so be sure and check […]

30 May 2015


Hello Memory Photography

Meet Kiley Fisher. Kiley is a beautiful young woman and an amazing photographer. She loves photography and has a knack for beautiful lighting and capturing the most memorable moments for people. Tell us a little about yourself I am Kiley Fisher and I am the owner and operator of Hello Memory Photography! I specialize in […]

30 May 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

What I loved about the past week This last week was definitely a lazy one! It was raining a ton last week so if I wasn’t at work I was just lounging at home rewatching New Girl. Dakota and I have been hashing out some details about him coming home which is exciting but it […]

20 May 2015


How to Keep Perspective

Sometimes in life there are bigger things in store for you that you aren’t aware of yet – these are called blessings. But those blessings aren’t earned without a little training and perseverance first -these are called trials. The hardest part about having these trials though is that it is sometimes very difficult to see […]

15 May 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Another beautiful Wednesday is here already. This week went by so fast for me I almost forgot to do this post! But luckily I remembered this morning 🙂 What I loved about the past week I had a super funny interaction with a pilot while at work and now we are Facebook friends so that […]

13 May 2015