Kim and Jaci

Meet Kim. Kim (aka Mom) is one of the most amazing ladies I know. I started this post about a week ago and I have struggled with how to truly describe in writing how wonderful she is. What makes my mom the bestMy mom is the definition of hard working. Looking back and thinking about […]

10 May 2015


5 Ways to have a Productive Day

If you are like me and would rather watch Netflix or go exploring than cleaning your neglected house than you need to continue reading. Yesterday I fully intended on cleaning my house, doing laundry, and planning a lesson for my kiddos but I ended up on Pinterest and watching Gilmore Girls…oops! The worst part about […]

7 May 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Even though the original link up doesn’t existanymore I still really loved doing a weekly catch up with everyone so I am going to keep on doing it! If you still want to join just answer the prompts and then post the URL of your post in the comments below so we can still connect 🙂 What I […]

6 May 2015


How We Make Our Marriage Work

For the past six months my husband has been working in North Dakota while I stayed home to finish my internship and research project. It was a difficult decision to agree on but after researching and self reflecting we both decided that this decision would benefit us more than hurt us. We knew that it was […]

4 May 2015


Western Psychologolical Association Conference

If you follow me on social media you were probably super annoyed with me this past weekend! I posted a lot of pictures and tweeted some great things that were going on at the WPA conference I attended. To make it simple this was a national conference that the Western Psychological Association (WPA) set up […]

3 May 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Wednesdays are quickly becoming one of my favorites because of this fabulous link up and I am so sad to see it put on hold for a while. I still can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to! What I loved about the past week I worked almost every single day so it […]

29 Apr 2015


Teaching Hooligans

Last summer I got an internship with another college student (Lisa) at Pine View middle school teaching a homeroom class. This class was designed to teach success and motivation to students who were struggling or acting out. You know that one kid in your class that was loud and just goofed off? They would be […]

26 Apr 2015


What’s Up Wednesday

Another Wednesday and this one will be just as long as the last one! It’s fun to sit down each week and reflect on these questions and realize just how crazy and fun one week has been. Especially with 90% of the time I fully intend on doing nothing! That’s the beauty of life though. […]

22 Apr 2015


What is What’s Up Wednesday?

Each week I participate in a fun link up with other bloggers called What’s Up Wednesday and each week I post my entry up on all my social media accounts. If you read my blog post all you see is me answering a few fun questions and probably think to yourself “man she had a […]

21 Apr 2015


Disneyland for 20 Something’s

As a child you dream about going to Disneyland. Meeting your favorite characters, going on a fun rides, seeing the giant castle, and being in the happiest place on Earth. You beg your parents to take you and if you are lucky they will take you for a few days! As an adult you dread […]

19 Apr 2015