Larsen Log // Vol. 10

The last month as been pretty crazy! Looking back it’s hard to think how much has happened in such a short amount of time. I’m glad I have these posts to reflect back on and have a creative outlet. Here is a little recap on what we have been up to and have planned for […]

2 Sep 2017


Practicing self care with Kingdom and State

As a new mom, working full time, running a side business, and being a blogger/friend/wife/etc. you could say I get burnt out pretty quick. Yes, I totally bring it on myself and I’m aware of it but I can’t help it, I like to be busy! With all of my responsibilities and hobbies I can […]

18 Aug 2017


Our 5 Year Anniversary

Today marks 5 years of marriage for Dakota and I! I seriously don’t even know where the last 5 years have gone. We have grown so much as a couple and a family. I always love this time of year because we get to reminisce on all of the fun memories and accomplishments we’ve done […]

28 Jul 2017


The process and details of Microblading

I received a free service in exchange for photos and a review. All opinions are genuine and my own. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the worst eyebrows. They are naturally dark and compared to some people mine are thick. However, because of my amazing teenage eyebrow sculpting skills, they are really thick close to […]

12 Jul 2017


Pool party at Bloomington Country Club

Bloomington Country Club recently reopened their pool area and we were lucky to be invited to their pre grand reopening party! This summer heat has been killing us so we’ve been trying to spend most of our time inside or at the pool so this was perfect. If you know me you know I’m not much of […]

9 Jul 2017


Disneyland with an 8 month old

After years of begging I finally convinced Dakota to take us to Disneyland! It helped that our 5 year anniversary is coming, we had a baby, and our friend works there to help convince him. So after months (a couple days) of planning and hours (30 rushed minutes) of packing we were on the road […]

2 Jul 2017


Summer Bucket List

Summer has quickly approached and we want to make the most of it! Even though it will be 1,000 degrees we still want to do a lot of things that are outside. Doing things outside, even as simple as a family walk, are always refreshing and exciting. Plus, Mattix loves being outside. We have talked about […]

19 Jun 2017


Larsen Log // Vol 9

Summer is quickly approaching and I am so excited to spend evenings at the pool, roasting marshmallows, and going on adventures! Mattix is at such a fun stage right now wanting to explore (and touch) everything but gets bored quick so we try to be creative. We have a family goal to do something active […]

21 May 2017


My blogs purpose and future

I’ve missed blogging. I miss writing out my thoughts and connecting with people. But it has become way too much of a hassle for it to be worth it. When you blog you have to be mindful of you readers, your niche, when to post, what to post, good photography, the list goes on and […]

10 May 2017


MSM: Spring Box Mail Swap

A couple months ago some wonderful bloggers Kiana and Madeline reached out and asked a group of bloggers if they would participate in a mail swap. Everyone that agreed got together and decided to send each other a box of our favorite Spring items! After we figured out our Spring box we were all emailed […]

27 Mar 2017