noun [prefis]: a preliminary statement in a book by the book’s author or editor, setting forth its purpose and scope, expressing acknowledgment of assistance from others, etc.social media has quickly become a powerful tool to stay connected, promote ideas, and discuss important topics. blogging is a simple, fun, and interactive form of social media with enough individualism in each blog to keep readers entertained and informed. i personally have had a blog for years with the sole purpose of keeping my […]

26 Feb 2015


Little Seay’s

meet my little sisters. together these two keep me on my toes. morgan is brilliant and always reminds me that life is important and we should made the most of it. mckenna reminds me to think through someone else’s eyes before jumping to conclusion. and together they remind me that family is not a random design. […]

26 Feb 2015


Parade of Homes

every year saint george holds a week long event called the parade of homes. different builders and designers collaborate together to make an ideal home that people can tour and buy. it is a lot of fun to go through each home and see the different design styles and dream about your own future home. […]

19 Feb 2015


Carnival Cruise

Here is a quick recap on our cruise! Day 1: Woke up super early and drove to Long Beach to board our cruise ship. We had some lunch and got lost until we got to our rooms for a much needed nap. Then we settled in and went to dinner. Day 2: Woke up bright […]

22 Jan 2015


Looking Back

Here is a look back on some of our favorite moments and experience this past year: We went to Hawaii We both got new jobs Dakota got a new truck We bought a kayak and a row boat We moved, again. We traveled to Alaska We went to Washington D.C. We went to Hoggle zoo […]

22 Dec 2014


Christmas Lights

Friday was officially the last day of college finals and it was the start of my break from my internship. Dakota and I also both got paid and I didn’t work all weekend so you could say it was a wonderful day! After my class got out at noon (which I might add it was […]

21 Dec 2014



Traditions can be a fun way to make memories and creates excitement for years to come. Traditions can be as big or small as you want them to be but what makes them so great is that you share traditions with those you love the most. Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to be when most families […]

15 Dec 2014


Happy Birthday Honey Bear

Words cannot express how how much love I feel my husband. I am so grateful for all he does for us and how happy and loved he makes me feel. He has such a fun optimistic personality. He can always make me laugh and is so unpredictable! Some of my favorite things he does is […]

8 Dec 2014


Days of Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving I wrote down one thing I was grateful for every day of the month. Day 1: My motivation to see something through until it is doneDay 2: The simplicity of the church. You don’t have to know every story or every principal to believe that their is a ChristDay 3: Everyone […]

30 Nov 2014


Christmas Crafts

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! I love all the decorations, music, spirit, and just the overall happiness I feel during the season. This year money has been super tight so instead of buying decorations I decided to make my own. I always spend any spare time I have with my husband but now that […]

29 Nov 2014