New Opportunities

Well I recently became an official Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!! I am so excited but nervous all at the same time! It is hard work finding clients and promoting your own business. It also doesn’t help that I recently lost every contact in my phone…But so far I have learned a lot and have even […]

3 May 2013


A Day Off!!

Dakota and I finally had a day off together!!! It was soooo great to finally have a Saturday day off and get to spend more than a couple hours together. So for starters I got to sleep in (which was fantastic!) then we went fishing with our good friends Dan and Shay Garcia 🙂 Sadly […]

25 Apr 2013


Exciting News

I recently found out that the company I work for will be expanding! Due to the expansion a lot of new positions opened up and I was lucky to become the on call supervisor! I’m super excited about it 🙂 However, ever since I found out my mind is always racing thinking of things to […]

6 Apr 2013


The Power of Tithing

This past Sunday Dakota and I went to our new ward. A lady gave a talk on tithing and I’m not going to lie there really wasn’t much she said that I hadn’t heard already. However she did say one thing that got stuck in my head. She said, “You can’t afford to not pay […]

26 Mar 2013


Hurricane, Utah

This past week has been crazy busy! It was spring break at Dixie so I had the whole week off of school! Instead of partying, traveling, or enjoying the perfect weather, Dakota and I painted our new house. And when I say we painted, I mean every single room except for the bathrooms. Thanks to […]

18 Mar 2013


Salt Lake Trip

This weekend Dakota and I got to up to Salt Lake for our friends (Alyssa and Josh) wedding! We got to take Dakota’s mom and sister with us too, so there was never a dull moment on our way up. We stayed at Dakota’s older sisters house and got to spend time with them and […]

3 Mar 2013


Valentines Day

Valentines day was so great 🙂 I came home from school and Dakota had cleaned the house! I love it when he does that!! Then I went into our room and he had a trail of rose petals leading to a bouquet of flowers. It was really cute and he has never done anything like […]

15 Feb 2013


Best Friends

The other day I found out that I was chosen to go on the outing for work early Saturday morning. At first I was not excited. 1. Because I had to be at work by 7am to wake up the girls and get them ready etc. and 2. because we were going to an animal […]

10 Feb 2013


Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday was the 47 super bowl! Super bowl Sunday is always a great day filled with lots of fun, food, and friends. The only downfall is that this year it fell on a fast Sunday and the game didn’t start until 4:30! I thought I was going to die of starvation but thankfully I didn’t. […]

4 Feb 2013


Busy Bees and Driving Machines

Lately our lives have been really great just hectic! Dakota’s truck recently has been having troubles starting and since it is a very old truck (it has like 213,000 miles!) I suggested we get him a new one. Dakota is super attached to his truck so convincing him to sell his truck and get a […]

29 Jan 2013