Confessions of a Newlywed

Okay so Dakota and I have been married for a year and a half now and we are still known as “newlyweds”. Being a newlywed is super fun but also has it’s challenges because we are still figuring things out and learning more and more about each other. So in honor of being a newlywed […]

3 Dec 2013


Being Grateful and Giving Thanks

As you all know today is Thanksgiving! At the beginning of the month I decided that every day I would write down what I was most grateful for that day. I really wanted to focus on the little things and things that happened that day. Everyone is grateful for their family, church, etc. but I […]

28 Nov 2013



So Dakota and I took some “family photos” the other day. It was a lot of fun and our photographer Debi was amazing 🙂 Check them out! Brought to you by the amazing Debi Rae Williams with Debi Rae Photography. Check out her Facebook page and website at debiraephotography.smugmug.com

14 Nov 2013


Love Language

This week at work was parent weekend which basically means that the parents and families of the girls get to come visit and do activities and group therapies and such. My mom gave a group on the 5 Love Languages and I kept hearing from a few different parents that it was an awesome group! […]

28 Oct 2013


Life As Of Late

Dakota has been spending his mornings at the gym lately. He found someone to lift with so now he actually goes every day! His gym partners name is Trevor and in the last couple of weeks they are practically a cute couple! I always tease Dakota about it because Trevor will call and talk to […]

8 Oct 2013



On Sunday Dakota and I decided to do something rather than watch a movie or go fishing. So we decided to go to Springdale! Springdale is a cute town just outside of Zion National Park and it has tons of shops and little restaurants. When we first got there we went to the Imax theater […]

4 Sep 2013


Nothing Fancy

School just started back up again! I signed up for classes and thankfully was able to test out of one of them so that lightened my load a bit 🙂 I am still taking Behavioral Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology and working two and a half jobs! I still work at Sunrise and I still love […]

25 Aug 2013


Still Married and Seminar

That’s right! We are still married and just celebrated our 1st Anniversary 🙂 We are so cute! Unfortunately we didn’t really do anything haha. We are still poor newlyweds I guess and I was going on a week trip to Texas. Dakota did get me a very beautiful necklace though! I love it. I got […]

9 Aug 2013


Vacation Time!!

Dakota and I got to go to Lake Powell over the weekend and it was not only well needed but it was amazing! We left Thursday night after I got off work at 11 and started our two hour drive to the lake. It was a long night but it was nice to have some […]

11 Jul 2013


Wisdom Teeth Adventure!

I officially got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Getting them out has been quite the ordeal. I was originally going to get them taken out by Simply Wisdom Teeth but ended up going to Oral and Facial Surgical Institute. Let’s just say that Simply Wisdom neglected to answer their phone four days in a […]

16 Jun 2013