Wisdom Teeth Adventure!

I officially got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Getting them out has been quite the ordeal. I was originally going to get them taken  out by Simply Wisdom Teeth but ended up going to Oral and Facial Surgical Institute. Let’s just say that Simply Wisdom neglected to answer their phone four days in a […]

16 Jun 2013


Weddings and Family Photos

This photo is really fuzzy on here for some reason but it is now the most recent photo of Dakota and I 🙂 We recently took family photos with his side of the family. It was a lot of fun and really quick too which was nice! The next weekend was my friend Kylie’s wedding. […]

4 Jun 2013


Learning from Sunbeams

Our lives have been to busy lately! But it has been a good thing as well 🙂 I recently went through some hard times when I was asked if I would switch to a morning shift at work. It was a really hard choice for us and I cried a whole lot! The idea of […]

4 Jun 2013


New Opportunities

Well I recently became an official Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!! I am so excited but nervous all at the same time! It is hard work finding clients and promoting your own business. It also doesn’t help that I recently lost every contact in my phone…But so far I have learned a lot and have even […]

3 May 2013


A Day Off!!

Dakota and I finally had a day off together!!! It was soooo great to finally have a Saturday day off and get to spend more than a couple hours together. So for starters I got to sleep in (which was fantastic!) then we went fishing with our good friends Dan and Shay Garcia 🙂 Sadly […]

25 Apr 2013


Exciting News

I recently found out that the company I work for will be expanding! Due to the expansion a lot of new positions opened up and I was lucky to become the on call supervisor! I’m super excited about it 🙂 However, ever since I found out my mind is always racing thinking of things to […]

6 Apr 2013


The Power of Tithing

This past Sunday Dakota and I went to our new ward. A lady gave a talk on tithing and I’m not going to lie there really wasn’t much she said that I hadn’t heard already. However she did say one thing that got stuck in my head. She said, “You can’t afford to not pay […]

26 Mar 2013


Hurricane, Utah

This past week has been crazy busy! It was spring break at Dixie so I had the whole week off of school! Instead of partying, traveling, or enjoying the perfect weather, Dakota and I painted our new house. And when I say we painted, I mean every single room except for the bathrooms. Thanks to […]

18 Mar 2013


Salt Lake Trip

This weekend Dakota and I got to up to Salt Lake for our friends (Alyssa and Josh) wedding! We got to take Dakota’s mom and sister with us too, so there was never a dull moment on our way up. We stayed at Dakota’s older sisters house and got to spend time with them and […]

3 Mar 2013


Valentines Day

Valentines day was so great 🙂 I came home from school and Dakota had cleaned the house! I love it when he does that!! Then I went into our room and he had a trail of rose petals leading to a bouquet of flowers. It was really cute and he has never done anything like […]

15 Feb 2013