Dixie State University!

That’s right! Our 100 year old community college is officially a university! This morning the board of trustees unanimously decided on the name of “Dixie State University”. There was a lot of debate on the name especially if “Dixie” should be kept in it. After a lot of debates the board decided that the Dixie […]

18 Jan 2013


My Go At Date Night

Yesterday Dakota told me that we were having a date that night and that I would be in charge of planning. At first, I was not very excited because I hate planning but he was working late and he planned the last date so I took the challenge. As Dakota was at work, I kept […]

17 Jan 2013


Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone! I still can’t believe it is already 2013. The past year has gone by way too fast! Last night, while Dakota and I were at dinner, we wrote down some of our favorite memories of 2012. It was fun to think back over the past year and remember all […]

1 Jan 2013



Christmas this year was a lot of fun and relaxing! Christmas Eve, Dakota and I spend time with my family and we had our 2nd annual gingerbread house contest! We started this tradition last year and it was so much fun. This year everyone definitely improved on their decorating skills. After making gingerbread houses, we […]

26 Dec 2012


Ugly Sweater Day

So yesterday at work everyone dressed up in their ugliest Christmas sweaters! We decided to do this because our co-worker Missy was working her last shift and she has an ugly sweater for everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas! So to honor her last day, we made it ugly sweater day. It was a lot of fun to […]

19 Dec 2012


My husband is cute :)

The other day I had to wake up way to early to go into work and I got on Facebook right before I left and I found the cutest message from Dakota 🙂 I don’t get to see this side of him very often but when he does do cute things for me it’s basically […]

16 Dec 2012


Dakota’s Birthday!

Yesterday was Dakota’s 23rd birthday! Dakota still had to go to work but that was good news for me because I still needed to get one more gift, wrap them all, and get everything together before he came home. For his birthday, Dakota got to sleep in until noon! Haha he didn’t have to go […]

8 Dec 2012



Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job. Why? Well I got a second job because every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am bored out of my mind! Dakota got one because he doesn’t like his current job haha. I currently work for Sunrise RTC which is the greatest job in the world! I […]

1 Dec 2012


A Night of First’s

Last night we celebrated our one year being together by going on a date! Dakota told me that he had everything all planned so I didn’t have to do anything! The whole night was a surprise which was great because Dakota can never pull off anything. We started off the night by going to Olive […]

27 Nov 2012


Life as of Late

Well Dakota and I have been married almost four months! It seems like it has been much longer than that though. We have been enjoying the best of married life! Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job so that means between that two of us we have four jobs! What are we thinking…it’s […]

26 Nov 2012