Trend Magazine: What it is and why I love it

Affiliated links: This post does contain affiliated links. By clicking on a link and signing up under my link I may receive compensation. I found Trend on Instagram and immediately loved their style and positive energy and pre-ordered their January digital edition (get it for free here!). Similar to Darling and Be Wise magazine Trend is […]

27 Jan 2016


The silly ways we show our love to each other

The other day Dakota and I were on our way to our friends house and as we were walking out to our truck my husband yells “LOOK OUT FOR THAT LEAF!” I naturally freaked out and looked down to see if I avoided stepping on the nasty leaf and then realized that he said leaf. Not […]

16 Jan 2016


Golden Vlog // Currently

I am so excited to participate in this month Golden Vlog link up! I didn’t do the December link up because I was so busy with the holidays but I want to make sure I do it every month this year. Faith at Life w/ Mrs G and the Artist sets this up every month […]

15 Jan 2016


New Years Motto | Be Mindful

I have a hard time with the concept behind making a new year resolution. I have always believed that if you truly want to make a change you should just be able to start. I can understand the idea behind the new year is like a clean slate and a fresh start and it can […]

10 Jan 2016


Best of 2015

2015 has been such an amazing year for me! I started a new job, checked off many items from my bucket list, and completely revamped my blog. The last half of 2015 was when I really turned my blog around and started focusing on better content and design and so far my work is paying […]

2 Jan 2016

behind the scenes

Larsen Log// Vol 3

It’s been over a month since I last updated! Sorry….but that just means this will be a great post filled with lots of updates! I did do a brief one in my yearly recap post but let’s talk about the most recent happenings. The good stuff >> Dakota did have another seizure but has been seizure free […]

28 Dec 2015


New YouTube channel

Last week I made a YouTube channel and I am really excited about it! I mainly started it so that I could upload hair/makeup tutorials that I have planned but since starting to work for Trend Magazine I have been more into the YouTube scene. I’ll be honest and say that I rarely got onto […]

24 Dec 2015


Every day curl tutorial

I finally did a tutorial on how I curl my hair! I am also answering a bunch of questions about my hair products and some tips below. I tried to answer as many as I could in the video but I posted every question below and step by step instructions in case you don’t want […]

19 Dec 2015


Let me tell you about my best friend

You know that one friend that lives far away and you only talk once a month but when you do it’s like nothing ever changed? That friend that just totally gets you and you can be yourself without being judged? That friend to me is Nicholas Darrell Rhodes. That’s Dah-rel not Dare-l and it is […]

17 Dec 2015


5 Fool Proof Holiday Treats

This time of year can be hectic and if you’re like me you put things off until the eleventh hour. This month Dakota and I have 5 (for now) parties to attend with each of them asking us to bring a favorite holiday treat. This past weekend we had three of the five parties and […]

16 Dec 2015