Sponsor alert: Schoney Media House

Meet Kyle Schoney. Kyle has been a long time family friend and I am so excited to introduce you to him today! If you saw my talent roundup post a while ago or know about my most recent giveaway then you may already have an understanding of what a stud this guy is. Kyle not […]

3 Dec 2015


Schoney Media House Giveaway

Photography: Schoney Media House | Videography: TTim Productions Hair: Jaime Plott | Dress: De’Mior Designs If you saw my Talent Roundup post a while ago then you know how talented my friend Kyle Schoney is. Kyle is an amazing photographer and friend and I was so excited when he reached out to me about doing a spotlight. […]

1 Dec 2015


Trendsend Review

Affiliated links: I did not receive compensation for any links in this article. All opinions are my own After reading this post from Life with Rosie I had to try out Trendsend for myself. I had a subscription with DailyLook but didn’t love the few boxes I got so I switched to StichFix and have […]

30 Nov 2015


Black Friday Finds

I’ll be honest; Black Friday is not idea of fun. People are grumpy, greedy, and impatient and I just hate being in that type of environment. That being said I did technically go shopping on Black Friday! Some was online and some was in an actual store with lines but hey I call that progress! […]

28 Nov 2015

Behind the blog

The Larsen Log: An Identity Crisis

Guys. I’m sorry I have been so MIA. My life hasn’t even really been that busy I just have been distracted and unmotivated! Not only that but I had a minor meltdown the other day…But more on that later! Just know that my updates will now be called the Larsen Log. It is just simpler […]

23 Nov 2015


Talent RoundUp

I have so many talented friends it blows my mind sometimes. And then they just keep getting more and more talented! I’ve been thinking a lot of all of these amazing people lately so I thought I would introduce you all to them and their many talents! Schoney Media House | Photographer Kyle Schoney is […]

22 Nov 2015


How I embarrassed myself on our first date…

Four years ago today we went on our first date. Kinda…The conversation went a lot like this (brought to you by Timehop) Facebook status: Well…not the best weekend… Gage: Cheer up! Me: You can’t make me! Dakota: I bet I could! I should have invited you to hike Zion […]

20 Nov 2015


Why I am not talking about Paris

In follow up to my post the other day about today’s “problems” I had to speak up about the recent events. I’ll admit I’m hesitant to share my thoughts but I stand by what I say and I am 100% accepting of others opinions. The tragedy in Paris is very real and has strongly effected […]

16 Nov 2015

Behind the blog

Larsen Log // Vol 2

I know I have been a little MIA the last couple of weeks so I thought I would give a reader’s digest version for everyone on what’s been going on. I will probably break down some of the events into more in depth posts later but for now let’s just reconnect! The good news A […]

15 Nov 2015